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    Hear new music from Tionas upcoming release!

    Hear new music from Tionas upcoming release!

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    Visit Tionas store to purchase her new Signature Tee!

    Visit Tionas store to purchase her new Signature Tee!

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    Tiona Deniece set to preform show in hometown of Buffalo, NY!

    Tiona Deniece set to preform show in hometown of Buffalo, NY!

About - Tiona Deniece

Who is Tiona Deniece?
Tiona Deniece(also known as Tiona D. or Tiona Dee), hails from the historic city of Buffalo, NY. She currently resides in both the NYC and the Atlanta area. She regularly records and preforms R&B music and is a songwriter.

More About Tiona


Early Life & Inspiration

As a young girl Tiona spent a lot of time perfecting her soulful, melodic sound while singing in her church choir. As a teenager, she started a gospel trio called “God’s Chosen” with two childhood friends. The group performed in various events and services throughout the Western New York area. The pivotal moment in her early career happened in 2001 when she performed for the swearing-in celebration of Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, in Madison Square Garden Theatre. It was at that moment she realized that the stage was where she wanted to make a permanent residence. “I felt such a rush after singing that night, it became very clear that singing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Musical Career

Tiona has worked on numerous writing projects for up and coming artists, and has featured with numerous DJs and Rappers in both the NY and Atlanta area. Her vocals have been featured with rappers, STACE, Moka Blast, and Westside Gunn. Tiona is currently in the studio recording new music for her up and coming project. By working with producers like Brian Kennedy, (“If This isn’t Love”-Jennifer Hudson) and writing camp, Rock City (“If This isn’t Love”-Jennifer Hudson and “When I grow Up”- Pussycat Dolls), Tiona’s project is sure to deliver strong vocals and a heavy hitting production /songwriting marriage. With a sound described as both classy and sexy with a nostalgic R&B flow. “R&B music is all about feeling, and I want my fans to feel the connection from my life experiences and their own personal lives. Most of all I want my sound to be a timeless creation.”

Tuff Diamonds

Most recently, she decided to connect her love for photography and passion for community development with her creation of Tuff Diamonds. Tuff Diamonds is an organization fashioned to build self-esteem in young women. “Tuff Diamonds was created to celebrate the uniqueness in every woman. The goal of my organization is to complement one another instead of bringing each other down. By focusing on the positive aspects in ourselves I believe we can uplift our community one Diamond at a time.”

Our Albums

Beautiful Suicide

Beautiful Suicide
2013 twitter: @tionadee instagram: Tiona dee facebook: Tiona D. email: @djamesuk (Twitter & Instagram)

  1. Voicemail Intro 00:56
  2. Son of a Gun Feat London Boy 00:59
  3. Make You Stay 03:44
  4. Running Backwards 02:57
  5. Voicemail Interlude 00:49
  6. Crazy 02:58
  7. Where Are You 03:55
  8. You Dont Care 03:01
  9. Voicemail Interlude 00:42
  10. Someone Like You 01:47
  11. Tiona Deniece Outro 01:32

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